New EP-length single!


Released 03 Nov 2023

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Morgenlicht artwork Morgenlicht


A new EP-length single harkening back to the earliest PLACEB0_BUTT0N sessions specially released for Bandcamp Friday!

Available from: Bandcamp, and Funkwhale (

Revelation Zero artwork Revelation Zero

Revelation Zero

The first track to be created with the "reveal" mode built into image2sound 0.5. Includes the edited cut heard on Radio Free Fedi!

Available from: Bandcamp, and Funkwhale (

Synthetic Baroque artwork Synthetic Baroque

Synthetic Baroque

Full-length four-track album!

Available from: Bandcamp, Eg0cide Productions, and Funkwhale (

Zukunftstanz artwork Zukunftstanz


The second single from PLACEB0_BUTT0N.

Available from: Bandcamp,, Funkwhale ( and

Prelude No. 1 artwork Prelude No. 1 in G major

Prelude No. 1 in G major

The first single from PLACEB0_BUTT0N.

Available from: Bandcamp,, Funkwhale ( and




About this project

PLACEB0_BUTT0N is an experimental ambient music project by John Beers (Luciftias). All pieces are created using a generative process beginning with text prompts being fed into The resulting images are then resized and processed by the image2sound Python utility, which converts them to audio using the RGB values of each pixel. The red, green, and blue files are imported into Audacity, panned to broaden the stereo spectrum, and further enhanced with reverb, EQ, and fades. Finally, the volume is leveled to reach the final form.

Please note: While AI has been involved in the creating the artwork "prompts", none of the audio is created by AI. It is generated solely by interpreting the color data from the images presented to the Python utility.

So where does the name "placebo button" come from? Years ago, I saw a wonderful quote on the inside of a Type O Negative album: "Functionless Art Is Simply Tolerated Vandalism...We Are The Vandals". As generative / process music, one could argue that this project exists as an intellectual pursuit and is thus functionless art. Similarly, a placebo button is a push-button or other control that appears to have functionality but has no physical effect when pressed. (Wikipedia) So the button, much like the art, is functionless. However, as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, sonic art is determined by the ear of the listener. Decide for yourself.


Open source

Open source philosophy is at the core of this project. From the software used in its creation to the license used for the audio itself. Here are some of the projects I use: